New Orleans City of Oaths, Year 3, Night 3
Sat 5:00 PM - Sat 11:00 PM: -1 tickets, $14 each (Official Listing)

Within the City of Oaths, after the renewal of the Oaths which bound the supernatural communities to an uneasy peace. Underneath the surface of this peace turmoil, betrayal and secrets hide.


Sat 5:00 PM - Sat 11:00 PM
Crowne Plaza / Illinois Street Ballroom East--West
Long Description:
This is the first night of year three of our continuous Chronicle as a part of this setting. This is a multi-genre game which includes Changeling, Shifters (Werewolves and Fera), Vampires, and Mages. This is not a one shot, however players may attend as many or as few nights as they please. There will be pre-generated characters available to play at pickup, and if you join us on our Discord we can work on creating you a customized character. New players and first timers will have a period before the game officially begins to get onboarded with one of our Narrators in order to get used to the system of play, and understand how their characters' powers work. **PLEASE NOTE**: This event regularly oversells. If you are unable to purchase an event ticket, we will be accepting Generic tickets at the door, but only up to a pre-established cap.
Event Website:
Organizing Group:
GM Names:
Erik Norris, Collin Lamothe, Foster Tiede, Josh Nelson, Lily Spinelli, Matthew Payne, Nate Golub, Tyler Swanson, Madeleine Harold, Mal Morgan
Event Type:
Game System:
World of Darkness
Rules Edition:
MET Revised
# Players:
20 - 80 players
Age Required:
Teen (13+)
Experience Required:
None (You've never played before - rules will be taught)
Materials Provided?:

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