New Orleans City of Oaths - New Player Introduction
Thu 4:00 PM - Thu 5:00 PM: 8 tickets, $2 each (Official Listing)

For new players looking to participate in any night of the New Orleans City of Oaths World of Darkness LARP, this gaming session is to assist in understanding their character, sheets, and system.


Thu 4:00 PM - Thu 5:00 PM
Crowne Plaza / Illinois Street Ballroom East--West
Long Description:
New players will be guided on how to read and understand their character sheets, abilities, and powers, as well as how to call for mechanics and ability tests in game. Players will be assisted by a mix of Storytellers and Narrators, and once all players have a base level of understanding the system of play, they may run through an introductory scene ahead of the Main LARP beginning so they can hit the ground running when game goes live.
Event Website:
Organizing Group:
GM Names:
Erik Norris, Collin Lamothe, Foster Tiede, Josh Nelson, Lily Spinelli, Matthew Payne, Nate Golub, Tyler Swanson, Madeleine Harold
Event Type:
Game System:
World of Darkness
Rules Edition:
Mind's Eye Theatre Revised 2nd
# Players:
1 - 45 players
Age Required:
Teen (13+)
Experience Required:
None (You've never played before - rules will be taught)
Materials Provided?:

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