Age of Heroes
Sat 4:00 PM - Sat 9:00 PM: 0 tickets, $8 each (Official Listing)

The world is young, the echoes of creation yet reverberate. Heroes shape the world while the gods scheme and plot. Tonight, all gather for a wedding. The world is young, but danger is already old.


Sat 4:00 PM - Sat 9:00 PM
Union Station / Illinois Central & Wabash
Long Description:
Your grandparents were among the first humans formed from the rock and mud, the fire and sea. The gods, powerful offspring of the void and lords of the elements themselves, still walk freely among humanity. Here heroes strive for glory, to shape the world to their will. Here the gods plot and scheme, dreaming their dreams of power and mercy. War and rule, fear and love, daily life. The world is young, and all is new. Tonight, all gather for a wedding—two epic heroes, their own exploits becoming legend, will be united in marriage. All are gathered, human and god. The world is still young. But danger is already old. A BYOV Tragedy. Beginners and costumes welcome, no experience or costumes necessary. Some mature themes, so mature players only please. Find us, and a cast list, at Early character requests welcome.
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GM Names:
Thomas Javoroski, Ed Allen, Beth Allen
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# Players:
24 - 30 players
Age Required:
Teen (13+)
Experience Required:
None (You've never played before - rules will be taught)
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