The Real Thing LARP This event has been cancelled.

This event is based on The Real Thing RPG and is run by the creators. Players can expect an intimate, cerebral LARP laced with mystery and elements of horror and the supernatural.


Fri 7:00 PM - Fri 11:00 PM
Union Station / Illinois Central
Long Description:
The Real Thing is a self-contained, story-driven roleplaying game inspired by the music of Faith No More. Specifically, we have drawn significant story elements and inspiration from Faith No More’s album from 1989 entitled The Real Thing. While the concept for the game and story is grounded in the music and words from the album of the same name, it also pulls in themes and other elements from other Faith No More titles. Song titles and lyrics from every Faith No More album are included judiciously as a gesture of fandom and respect for one of our favorite artists. For the LARP implementation of the game, we will be inviting players into a self-contained story about personal discovery, a bit of tragedy, maybe some horror, and certainly some mystery. Also, there will be prizes!
Organizing Group:
GM Names:
Jason Ward
Event Type:
Game System:
Powered by the Apocalypse
Rules Edition:
# Players:
20 - 36 players
Age Required:
Mature (18+)
Experience Required:
None (You've never played before - rules will be taught)
Materials Provided?:

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