Creating Interesting & Memorable Villains
Thu 10:00 AM - Thu 12:00 PM: 1 tickets, $22 each (Official Listing)

Villains need to be more than "I'm the bad guy!". In this workshop, you will learn to give them depth, personality, & conflict.


Thu 10:00 AM - Thu 12:00 PM
Westin / Senate I
Long Description:
You make it to your final encounter. Finally, the heroes against the villain. If your villain is simply a Troll Chieftain, and that is all heroes know about him, they may enjoy the fight and the game overall, but will they remember him? Years later will they still talk about him? You can’t have a bad guy that is the bad guy, just because he is the bad guy. If your villains are devoid of personality and memorable quirks or plans, the final encounters may not carry the emotional impact that makes them memorable. This Workshop is "system agnostic", so don't worry about knowing any particular rule set, although general knowledge of game systems will enhance your experience.
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GM Names:
Jay Payne, Bonnie Payne
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# Players:
4 - 20 players
Age Required:
Teen (13+)
Experience Required:
None (You've never played before - rules will be taught)
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