GM 101 Adventure Design & Game Running
Thu 9:00 AM - Thu 1:00 PM: 11 tickets, $34 each (Official Listing)

A hands-on coaching session for new and aspiring GMs to gain experience with adventure prep and session-running techniques. By the end, you’ll have run a game session and be ready for more!.


Thu 9:00 AM - Thu 1:00 PM
Westin / Senate II
Long Description:
You want to run a game—but don't think you're ready. Or maybe you’re looking to polish your GM skills. This workshop is made specifically for you! Together, we’ll “dungeonstorm” a short adventure scenario. Then you’ll take turns in the GM chair while others play-act as your adventurers. Just as in real life, your players will have their own play styles and preferences that you’ll have to incorporate into the overall group dynamic. We’ll coach you so everyone can have a fun and engaging game—including you. You’ll leave this workshop with a range of approaches and tools you can bring straight back to your own table along with the confidence to run more games, hone your skills, and become an awesome GM!
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Bill White, Avery Rosen
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# Players:
8 - 30 players
Age Required:
Teen (13+)
Experience Required:
None (You've never played before - rules will be taught)
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