Near Future Science-Fiction Crisis NSDM: National Security Decision Making Game
Thu 12:00 PM - Thu 2:00 PM: 46 tickets, $10 each (Official Listing)

Fast-paced version of NSDMG's geopolitical-military RPG. It's the world of today or just a few years from now. You're a key leader in a major nation. You're called in after hours. What's wrong now?


Thu 12:00 PM - Thu 2:00 PM
Le Meridien / Latitude / NSDM HQ
Long Description:
Near-future, 2-hour crisis-oriented variant of the geopolitical, military and economic role-playing National Security Decision Making MegaGame with futuristic and science fiction elements. Take a senior leadership in the US, China, Russia, or other major power, facing a world crisis that might be tomorrow's real-world headline. It's the world almost as you know it, everything's normal, then you're called in after-hours and learn that everything's no longer normal, not by a long shot. Expect anything from crazed dictators, revolutions, space pirates, environmental crises, uncontrolled and malignant artificial intelligence, universal state surveillance, new technologies, genetic breakthroughs, and other surprises in a world that is not quite "as-you-know-it." Presented by the National Security Decision Making MegaGame staff.
GM Names:
Mark McDonagh, Merle Robinson, Craig Greathouse, Evan Siegling, Jason Corner, Ryan Good, Shawn Kratzert, Ryan Pierce, Ronald Homer, Pat Jewett
Game System:
Rules Edition:
# Players:
5 - 120 players
Age Required:
Everyone (6+)
Experience Required:
None (You've never played before - rules will be taught)
Materials Provided?:

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